Exciting Week!

     This marks the beginning of one of the most exciting weeks in my life. It marks a new milestone in the journey of Extraordinary Life Lessons from Ordinary Christian Women.  Some of you may be curious as to what it's all about, others of you maybe don't care, for me it's the culmination of five long years of hard work. 
      Five or so years ago (it's hard to believe that it's been that long), I went to the funeral of one of my high school principals.  While I was there I saw many teachers from high school and even one of my middle school principals that had made an impression on me during my years at school but I had never felt confident enough to acknowledge them for those gifts they had given me until that day. That event caused me to think of more people that impacted me and in those early moments, Extraordinary Life Lessons from Ordinary Christian Women was born. 
     I never imagined that those acknowledgments would make it to pages in a book. I edited and re-edited so many times. I even lost the original floppy disk for a time.  At one point my whole memory card was erased and I had to reconstruct what I had written. I remember frustrations at how I could ever publish the book. In my own mind it was an impossibility that would never happen.  Until October of last year when God opened the door and provided means for me to publish. Ah, the lessons I have learned about self publishing and promotion could probably fill another book. In November when the first copies arrived on my doorstep I was amazed. I saw my grandmother's face on the covers and still had to pinch myself to believe that this was real.  Slowly, people other than my family have asked for copies of the book. There is a very special man that I know whose wife received the book but read it  cover to cover and ordered a second copy for a daughter. Though I wrote the book to bless women, men have reported to me that they have been blessed and some are even prompted to write.
      In recent weeks and months I have become acquainted with people on numerous social networks whose work I have long admired and it humbles me that they have become friends and supporters in this journey. I couldn't have imagined five years ago that this would be a possibility. 
     This week Premium Promotional Services is offering a Virtual Book Blast. I still don't understand all that it entails but I do know that Extraordinary Life Lessons from Ordinary Christian Women will be exposed all over the internet.  It's exciting to me! Whatever happens this week or coming weeks and months I know that it's because God did it and not me. Now I won't lie, there are some days that I don't think things are going fast enough. I don't see the result I want to see, but I know that God is in control of everything and I am going to trust Him and like the old bus commercial, I'm going to leave the driving to Him.


  1. Kathy,

    Congrats on your wonderful book! How pleased you must be to see & hold it, remembering all of the love and tears that went into its writing and production. Your cover image is so appropriate as your Grandmother was one of those special ladies that helped shape your life and its lessons learned. You put together a touching tribute to all those influential women and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! God bless in all your endeavors as you glorify Him...


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