In Praise of Mom

  Not too long ago I shared these words about my mother for Mother's Day but I thought it was worth repeating again. Proverbs 31 was written by King Lemuel, another name for King Solomon whose mother was Bathsheba and he spoke of many great characteristics of a good wife and mother.  I believe my mother shares those characteristics and this is why, I am sharing these with you. 
  As I was reflecting on Mother's Day this week, my thoughts drifted to my mother. So, I decided to share a little about my mom. My mom was pretty young when she had me and had to learn things the hard way. Hospitals weren't as kind to young moms back then, they treated you like you were horrible to have children at a young age and they most certainly didn't care if you wanted juice or anything like that. The nursing staff was there to do what they had to. There was no kind instruction in the art of breastfeeding or being kind to yourself. Those instructions came decades later after I was grown.
  Mom gave birth to all four of us naturally--although I am told there were difficulties with each one--but the four of us--my brothers and I are all here. We were all healthy for the most part(Though older age takes its toll). Mom worked hard taking care of us. We didn't have a lot of sitters when we were younger. Unless it was a special event like a Sweetheart banquet or something like that. She did have periods of time when she worked outside the home but not a lot of those times until I was a teenager. She always talks about being a war baby--she was born during WWII and she claims good parts were hard to find. She's got a lot of health issues and they are growing as she ages. 

  Many times she would stay up nights sewing me a dress for a Mother/Daughter the time she sewed me the dress and everything was done except for the hem, so she used Scotch tape to hem it until she would be able to finish the hem. That same time she had helped to prepare the whole dinner for the Mother/Daughter banquet as well as prepared our house for an evangelist that would be staying in our home for a week, plus made them breakfast every morning. It was a pretty mint green dress and I loved it. It matched hers. We were both the same size back then. On that Sunday, I stood up to sing in choir, but my dress decided to stick to the chair. Only the evangelist's wife and Mom saw it besides me and we three were laughing hysterically.
  My mom was often my only confidante when I would cry--either from my heart broken by a some friend or a boy who was just too insesitive to realize he wasn't worth my time. She would comfort me and tell me things would look up. Mom put together a beautiful wedding for me with a gorgeous cake not once but twice.  I remember wearing her wedding dress--it fit perfectly and I longed for the day when someone else would wear it.
  When I came back from a bad time in my life, my mom was there for me. She welcomed me back with open arms and told me she loved me. She once again told me that things would get better and do you know what? They did. They are. 

  Mom never once told me "I told you so," though others have and she doesn't always say just what I want to hear, but she does support me in most of my decisions and she is my biggest cheerleader next to my hubby. Every ounce of weight that I have dropped she cheers louder than anyone. I love her and I know that each of my siblings appreciates the sacrifices she has made to give us life and for us to be happy. I just wanted to share about how much I love my mom and I hope she knows how much I love her. You can read a little bit more about her in my book Extraordinary Life Lessons from Ordinary Christian Women. 
  Perhaps you weren't blessed to have a mother like mine to share Bible stories and tears with you. Perhaps you had a mother and she is now with the Father. My prayer is that you will be blessed to share those stories with others. Perhaps you want to be a better mother to your children. Whatever your walk in life is, I pray that God will bless you today.

Dear Father,
Thank you for the loving mother that you allowed me to have. I pray for every person who reads this that they may be blessed by you--if they are mothers, help them to realize who allowed them to be mothers and to realize that you love them and care for them. Thank you for your love.  Amen.


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