Where Does the Time Go?

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven.."Ecclesiastes 3:1

  It's hard to believe that I have been a parent for almost 29 years. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I was living in Peoria, Illinois and it was Valentine's day when I went into labor.  I was sure that I would have  a Valentine baby, but God and my son had other ideas. I always wanted to be a mother, ever since I was a small child playing with dolls. I would play house with my brothers and I was always the mother. Of course it was logical since I was the only girl.  That first day, February 15, 1982 I fell in love with my baby boy. He was beautiful (anyone will tell you who can remember back that far that he was beautiful). Strangers would stop me on the street just to take a look at him. I would beam with pride. I remember riding a church bus on Sundays and one of our regular bus passengers would say "He's such a pretty baby, Kathy!" I don't remember her name.
  My son didn't have the easiest life as a small child. Who of us does? He would go through the divorce of his parents, the loss of several significant people in his life and the loss of dreams. One of my fondest memories is hearing him talking in his room to his GI Joe dolls and he would have a small New Testament and I realized that he was preaching to them. It was so precious. He would soon be joined by a brother and a little sister. They would bicker like children do, yet you always knew that they were close.
  When he hit his teenage years he did rebel like most teens do and yet there was a sensitivity in his soul that I could see. From the day he was born I prayed for the day when he would meet a young woman to marry and begin a family with. I prayed for him to accept Christ as his Savior and he did just that.
   A few months ago I learned that he had a girlfriend. I heard through his siblings about her, though I figured that he would tell me about her eventually. And he did. In September he showed me a picture of the engagement ring he would be giving to her. Shortly thereafter he did propose and give her the ring and the two of them will be married this Saturday afternoon.
   Any mother will tell you that she has mixed emotions about such an event. I feel like I'm losing a son, but I am gaining a new daughter-in-love.  I hope to make new memories with my son and his bride. I'm sure I will shed some tears Saturday, but I just want to say, I'm so glad God allowed me to have him for a short time and it's my hope that in some way God might use the things that I taught him to help him in his life. He will make mistakes. We all do, but the great thing is that God is here to help us....if we let Him.


  1. Kathy...congratulations on the upcoming wedding of your son. I can feel you beaming with pride through every word that you write. You have every reason to be proud. Enjoy this very special Saturday! Hugs, Dolores :)


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