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  Life in the Eberly household has been anything but tranquil in the last month. I've managed to keep busy with my "day" job which consists of caring for Developmentally Disabled/Mentally Challenged adults as well as trying to be a good wife.  I've been re-evaluating in the past few months. It was a year ago I began my blog. I remember that when I first published Extraordinary Life Lessons from Ordinary Christian Women that I tried all kinds of promotional ideas to promote this book. Things don't always go as we would like. While I enjoy writing thoughts to encourage, I have to admit that I don't feel as though I am accomplishing that task. So let's look at what my "motto" is, "Encouraging ordinary women one heart at a time." Certainly my motto seems to be the case in point .  I only seem to reach one heart at a time, which is great if people are being reached. It certainly is my desire to minister.
  Certainly a change is needed. I've been approached by other authors asking me if I would help promote them with their books and their launches, so at this point what I am going to do is to help them promote.  I am currently writing a novel and trying to "perfect" it so that it might be published. I'm entering contests and if publishers are still not interested I am working on other plans to try to bring the books to fruition.
  In all honesty, I'm tired and sad. I've lost several friends in the past three months and just lost an aunt that I loved. Perhaps that more than anything is cause for stepping back. I've closed down my website authorkathyeberly.com due to lack of interest and the truth is that I'm very close to closing down this site as well. I wonder sometimes if there are other authors and others that feel as I do. My one desire is to do things that matter to God as well as others. Let's face it, we all have a need to matter. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers that all have important messages out there. In the meantime, stay tuned. You never know what will happen next.


  1. Aw Kathy don't feel discouraged, you just never know who is reading your blog and how it is going to touch them. Write from your hart, if no one reads it, then maybe just maybe it was meant to encourage you. It is good to write and focus on how we are feeling. I too write a blog, it is a private blog; so only I am reading it. But just writing things down makes me focus on what is really important. It is kind of like writing a letter to God. I often am hard on myself and sometimes I give myself that pat on the back. Writing is good, don't give it up. Your writings may even be meant to touch the next generation.... who knows.

  2. Kathy, I'm so sorry you are feeling discouraged. The writer life is hard and often very lonely. Spend time with God. Talk with Him and see how He guides you.

    I'll be honest, the other day I sat at my computer and wondered why I bothered to blog and write.

    But remember if one life is touched by your writing, the journey is worthwhile.

    Curl up in your Heavenly Father's arms, and from Him you'll get inspiration and living water to nourish your soul.

    Praying for you!


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