Of Choices and Decisions

  The past few weeks have been hectic ones in my life. I have managed to keep busy with work and my writing and church activities. Sometimes a person gets so busy with the day to day that they miss something important.
  For several months I have been restless. There has been a lot of sorrow in my life as well as joy but it seemed like the sorrow had overwhelmed me. Some of the sorrow was of my own making; however a lot of it wasn't. People I love were faced with catastrophic problems. I love the work I do in my day job.  I consider it my ministry for God, yet I don't always feel that I am making a difference so I decided to search to see if I could find the exact perfect place for me. A few weeks ago I found an advertisement in the paper for a position I thought I might do well at. The problem: I had no experience. The interviewer invited me to come in anyway and apply. Everything seemed like a good fit. There was just one problem: I hadn't really sought God's face on this one. Last week I was offered a new position within my company. A small bump up in salary, placement at where I wanted to go; yet one more problem: I really hadn't sought God's guidance there either.
  On Monday, both worlds collided. The place I had been interested in, wanted me and the position I thought I was getting had been changed. Now I was in a spot. I had several choices. First, I could leave my current employer and go to the new one, I could stay at the position I was in, I could take the new position offered me, and lastly, I could take the new job and stay employed at the company I am at on call.  This time I sought God's face. My husband and I prayed many hours and finally I made my decision. I would take my new position at my present company and trust that God would lead me. I believe He will.
  Not all choices are as difficult but some are. For instance, several weeks ago, my husband and I learned that there was a passion play we wanted to see that was going to be ending this year after 35 years of production. My husband and I purchased our tickets for the play, our airline tickets and reserved our rental car.  Days later we learned that a very close friend was going to be married on the same day that we were out of town. It was a tough decision and I wished I could change my plans, but it was too late. We stayed with the plan. While on our trip, my daughter-in-law gave premature birth to our grandson several weeks early.  Again, I wondered if I had made the right decision to travel. We had no way of knowing he would be born at that time. I kept in close contact with my son and the rest of my family. Though it was tough, I am glad that my husband and I got the much needed time together to take in God's beautiful landscape and worship with others.
  Proverbs 3:5-6 says "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path."
 The way that He leads might not be the way you want to go, but it's the way that He wants you to go!


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