New Year, new ideas!

  Every year I get ideas that I think I can be used in God's kingdom. The past few weeks have proven to me that not all of those thoughts are necessarily from Him. For instance, when I embarked on the blogging journey two years ago, I purposed that I wanted to encourage women; ordinary women, one heart at a time. That is what I believed my purpose to be and I still do. Yet somewhere along the way, God has been showing me that He wants more. Now, I'm still not sure what those avenues entail, but I believe he wants me to encourage anyone who can be touched by Him be it man, woman or child.

 I have been out of the workforce since the month of August. Since then I have had a handful of interviews, no 2nd interviews and my heart has been wounded. Last week I had what appeared to be a promising interview. That too proved to be fruitless. In all honesty, I started to feel forgotten by God.

  And then I met a woman who takes care of her granddaughter and her physically disabled daughter-in-law while her granddaughter's father fights for our country. That makes my trials seem pretty tiny.

  There are others out there trying to make a difference in their corner of the world. One of these is my cousin. He pastors a small church in Illinois where God's word is preached unashamed. He runs a daily video blog. I watched them and they are excellently done. It's done to feel like a one on one visit in an intimate room. I liked what I saw or I would never recommend it. Please feel free to take a look at it and then, please let Pastor Larry know what you think!
  Finally, I have been asked to join a team of individuals who are attempting to make a difference in the lives of young people everywhere. Though I am not totally certain of just where things are at, this I can tell you is a Godsend to parents of teenagers and to teens themselves. It's tough being a teen out there.
  So there you have it, a new year, some new ideas but all desiring to honor Christ. What ideas do you have for 2012 to honor Him?


  1. I think all of your ideas are wonderful Kathy everytime I read somthing of yours I think that god does have a place for everyone. You are a good wrighter & a good friend & a wondeful person. I am ever so greatful to have you & him in my life.. I also am greatful for my kids because with out them I would not do all the things that I do.. I hope that you find whatever you are looking for Kathy whatever gods will for you!!!


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