Be Still

"Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him." Psalm 37:7

  I have a problem with being still. For years I worked in a metropolitan area where life was always on the go. When I married my husband and moved to our little rural community, I had a difficult time going at the new slow pace that I now had to live. Soon, our quiet life became filled with running to and from work, and a whole myriad of things that quickly grabbed our time. 
  Two weeks ago I went out of state to a women's conference. My plan was to visit a nephew five hours away after the event and spend the remainder of the time with him. Unfortunately, I did not know that I would be encountering severe weather so I declined the visit and remained in my hotel room for the two days that I would have been visiting him.  Looking back, I believe that the Lord was trying to spend time with me. I needed the time to reflect on my spiritual weekend and draw closer to Him. When my visit came to a close I felt as though I had been in an oasis in the middle of a dry place.  Do you need to spend time with the Lord? I've learned that He will do whatever He needs to do to get our attention. He might send a blizzard so that all you have to do is be alone with Him; or perhaps He'll allow you to fall flat on your back so that you have to look up. Either way, He is waiting for you and He wants you to be still in the midst of whatever chaos you might be in.

Dear Father,
Help me to remember to draw close to you and to wait for you. You want me near you and I long to be where you are.
In your name,

copyright February 29,2012--Kathy E Eberly--All rights reserved.


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