So Thankful!

  This weekend marks a very auspicious occasion in my life. It is my husband's and my fifth wedding anniversary. When I look back on my life, I am so very grateful that the Lord brought this wonderful man into my life.

  I have mentioned on many other occasions that I was not always this blessed in the romance department. In fact, six years ago, I had finally released the desire to marry again to the Lord. I'll never forget my first date with my now husband. I was nervous, I'll confess now, I met him on a famous internet dating site that talks about meeting your soulmate.  I had met many gentlemen through the same site and believe me, not one of them remotely intrigued me. Praise the Lord that they didn't or I wouldn't be here now.

  My husband understands me even when I know that I frustrate him to the nth degree. He sacrifices for me and tries desperately to please me. He has encouraged me to write and has paid dearly to send me to conferences and whatnot just to give me a chance at reaching my dream.

  God is so good. Ten years ago I was a broken woman with no dreams and no goals in my life and now, God has blessed me with a desire to bless others with my words and to make someone else's life perhaps a little less lonely. All glories to Him!


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