Becoming Real

Remember the story about the Velveteen rabbit who wanted to know what it was like to be real? He didn't become real until he stepped out of his comfort zone and gave of himself.

I find that I often wear masks. There is the mask I wear when I meet people for the first time, there is the mask that I where when I am in my church and there is the mask that I wear at home, but are they real? Who am I really? Does my heart match what I want everyone to see or are they seeing what I think they want to see?

Don't we all wear masks? What do we want people to see? I want to reflect my Savior above all else. This past few days I have had a challenge brought to me that I have never done before. As I stretch out of my comfort zone to do this project, my prayer is that God continues to use me for His glory and that people would see the real me.

Dear Father,
I pray that I would be more real in the things I say and do.
May I be a full reflection of you.
In Jesus Name,

copyright March 21, 2012 by Kathy E Eberly--all rights reserved.


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