Finishing the Race

"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

 Not too long ago I watched my son run a marathon. I noticed that when he started the race that he ran slow and easy but as the race continued, he became more steady and sure. At the half-way mark even though he still had several miles to go and needed water and energy, he still continued running in place. Why? Because he still needed to keep going until he came to the finish line and he continued running to the end. I'm not a runner. I have walked 5k's but I have never trained to the extent that my marathon running son has. But I have learned that even in my 5k experiences that I still need to build up stamina. I can't use it all up in the first mile or I won't have energy to continue.
  It's the same way in my Christian life. I will confess that I'm not always together. I don't always lean on the Lord the way I ought to and my daily walk shows it. Some days are a real struggle, yet God says that if we depend on Him, we will have the strength to make it to the end of our race. He will get us through and we won't be tired if we trust Him. I know that this is a comfort to me. No matter where you are in your race, trust in Him to get you through. Even though you can't see Him you can know He is there and you will make it to the end!

Dear Father,
Help me to realize that you are there even when I can't feel you.
Help me to lean more fully on you.
In Jesus name,

copyright--Kathy E Eberly--April 5, 2012--all rights reserved


  1. Great post, Kathy! I used to run (until my knees started complaining too much) and when training, I'd search out the hills and tough runs because I knew it'd help me come race day. Funny how we don't always see our lives that way, but luckily, God knows how to train us, even when we try to run for the side-lines. :)


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