Memories for Memorial Day

  Ever since I was young  Memorial Day has been a special day of remembrance for me. Perhaps it was because of the times that I grew up in. The 60's were gone and we had well embraced the 70's. We as a nation had already witnessed a president assassinated on television and his assassin also captured and killed on TV. I lived just blocks away from rioting as a small child and still vividly recall the images that day. I remember the three astronauts that lost their lives on the launchpad and a nation helpless to rescue them.  I can still see the face of a first crush only to months later see that face quiet and still, in a casket at his funeral.
  There are so many people that I remember and some I swore I would never forget. Some I go to place flowers on their graves. Others will remain in my memory like a secret that fades with time. God told us to remember. Remember what had happened to us before so that we wouldn't make the same mistakes again. Remember those who were faithful and did what they were supposed to do. Do I do that today? Do I remember the mistakes that I have made and try to learn and grow or is it something that I must repeat like an unlearned class in school? My prayer is that as we remember those who have touched us this Memorial Day that we would remember the lessons learned from each one and be thankful. I'd like to share some memories of some special souls lost since last memorial day:
  Michael, a young man who even at age twelve did greater things for God than he ever knew. Kent, as a doctor he showed the very same  kindness and compassion to his family as those he cared for and lived his faith in death; Adaline, an honest, friendly woman who loved her Lord and Savior and shared him with every person she me.Van, a man who fought in a great war and accepted the greatest gift of all and is now enjoying the joys of Heaven. Mary, a woman who in my mind is vibrant and happy and going on a hike in the 20 below snow of a February day to surprise her best friend on her birthday. They will be missed this year.
  Who are you remembering today? And what is your story? I'd sure like to have you share it with me!


  1. Very poignant Kathy! I am truly impressed. Amazing what you learn about people if you open your mind to all possiblilities. Keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more. Terri Ahlberg


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