Bible Camp, Missions and Jesus

  Many years ago in the 50's a young couple with children were called as missionaries by the American Sunday School Union (Its name back then) to rural communities in Wisconsin. Their job was to win souls for Christ and in so doing, they would help to start Sunday Schools in those communities. One of the families they called on was a farmer and his wife and their three teenagers. The family built a camaraderie with the missionaries and soon they accepted Jesus. One of the sons would go on to graduate from Bible College as a Pastor and the parents would soon become active in their small Sunday School, hauling children to hear about Jesus and they would work with the Bible Camp that was hosted by these missionaries. Eventually the couple also helped to serve in various duties with the camp and missions themselves.
  When I was 8 I was privileged to attend Riverside Bible Camp in Amherst, Wisconsin for the first time. I remember vividly hearing a missionary speak about Africa and Jesus and it was then that I realized that I wanted to serve Christ as a missionary as well. Time marched on though and many other missionaries came and went in the rural communities. The family aged and grandchildren grew up and some became pastors, some became Christian teachers and in the third generation some became missionaries.
  The American Sunday School Union is now In Faith but its mission is still the same: to win others to Christ and like it was in the 50's they have Bible Camps and Sunday Schools. This year, my two granddaughters attended camp in East Central Minnesota and they made decisions for Christ. As I was driving home I remembered the story of my grandparents and my mother and uncles and I was humbled. Because of the faithfulness of willing workers, my family knows Christ. I haven't been to Africa as I wanted as a child, but the Lord has worked things out for me to go on a trip in November to Jamaica. I just want to thank those faithful ones who took the time to visit a farmer's family one day and shared Christ with them. Thank you and thank you to the present missionaries who serve in all parts of the world winning the lost! Who knows who you might lead to Christ?


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