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Where Did I Go?

Philippians 4:7-"And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."  The past few years have gone by in a blink. All of the sudden I realized I hadn't posted in two years! Yikes! How does that happen? In all honesty, life happened. Things often happen beyond our control and we can't go back no matter how much we want to. Many things happened in my personal life, I lost my father-in-law who lived with us, our Our home went from having nine people in it to just the two of us and our two fur babies Snap and Luke. Did I say two? We live in the country and often people will get rid of their unwanted pets. Monday morning when I let Luke outside and a tiny critter wandered in scared and cold. A minute later his identical sister came in the door. we estimate these kittens to be eight weeks old. They are cuddly and loving and though the older two have not been happy a bond is starting.In June my father went into th

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